“clothes to buy” list

Gladiator sandals- don’t actually know about this one, they’re fuckin everrrrywhere
Woollen stockings
Fishnets- BOUGHT
Playsuit- BOUGHT, x2, hahah.
Tights with dots
Cheapcheapcheap Lolita sunglasses
Men’s business shirt
PVC leggings
Bow tie
High high high black patent leather bootees
Black leather boots- about to buy 😀
Some flat boots- i miss my old ones, i had to chuck them as they got vomit all over them and i knew i would neverrrr be able to wear them again. they were suede so it didn’t come out :S and it wasn’t my vomit, ughghhh.
Fur jacket/ stole- bought!
Braided scarf
Red belt- bought 🙂
Sweater dress
Big big long white blouse dress
Cardigans! – YAY!
Goth boots
White dress- bought one, but will prbably buy lots and lots more
Leather skirt
Velvet! A velvet bow headband/ belt
High waisted and actually flattering shorts- bought, yay!!
Black leather hot pants
Maroon/ wine/ merlot coloured dress
Non-skanky (as in non-lycra) leopard print dress/ skirt… oh who am i kidding, bring on the skanky!
Dark skinny jeans


One Response to “wishlist”

  1. allandonie tom Says:

    good and intersting

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